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Windsor V8

Windsor V8

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The Windsor V8 is a small block engine made by the Ford Motor Company in Windsor, Ontario, that powered cars like the Ford Fairlane and the Mustang.  The Windsor Ford V8’s was also the name of the local Men's basketball team that won regional then national championships to earn the right to represent Canada at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin with a Silver medal.  To this day, they are the only Canadian team to medal at the Olympics in the sport of basketball.

RŌ_ST would like to introduce the Windsor V8 coffee.  This dark roast is made from 100% Guatemala Antigua beans grown at altitudes of 1500 to 1800 meters above sea level in a volcanic valley of Antigua.   Prized for its chocolate and citrus sweetness, Windsor V8 is dark roasted to provide a subtle smokiness to this full-bodied cup of coffee.   This dark roast coffee is an engine that will power you to success every day.


* No half-pound or ¾ pound bags here like the other coffee folks sell.  At RŌ_ST we’ll send you a FULL pound of coffee in every bag!

Always Fresh. RŌ_STed to order.

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