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The Old Frontenac

The Old Frontenac

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Old Quebec is as rich in history as it is in beauty.  A walk through Petit Champlain is like traveling back in time.  Its colonial architecture and view of Canada's oldest hotel will have you pining for a coffee experience as satisfying as an afternoon stroll in La Belle Province. 

The Old Frontenac is our premium espresso, roasted specially for the ideal single shot espresso.  With all the rich smokiness that comes from a high-quality espresso with none of the burnt charcoal flavours found in the other guy's brew.  You will love the thin golden-brown crema and a heart with a nice balance of sweet and bitter.   Perfect for your morning espresso or your afternoon pick me up.  You will agree that this is the shot you have been waiting for.


* No half-pound or ¾ pound bags here like the other coffee folks sell.  At RŌ_ST we’ll send you a FULL pound of coffee in every bag! 

Always Fresh. RŌ_STed to order.

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