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Friendly Farmer Fair Trade Organic Medium

Friendly Farmer Fair Trade Organic Medium

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Friendly Farmer is the perfect coffee for the responsible coffee drinker.  Certified "Organic" means that this 100% Colombian-produced Arabica coffee is grown without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilizers.  The “Fair Trade” certification means the local growing co-operatives operate in a way that supports the farmers, their families, and their communities. 

This medium-bodied coffee with a fruity aroma and sweet caramel flavour is good for your body and soul.  Medium roasted for the rich flavour and medium body we expect from a Colombian coffee.


* No half-pound or ¾ pound bags here like the other coffee folks sell.  At RŌ_ST we’ll send you a FULL pound of coffee in every bag!

Always Fresh. RŌ_STed to order.

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