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1858 Signature

1858 Signature

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Windsor is known for a few things: cars, roses, and whisky.   RŌ_ST 1858 Signature is a celebration of the town and distillery founded by Hiram Walker in 1858, just blocks from where the RŌ_ST guys grew up and still live. 

Medium-bodied with a soft aroma and complex flavours, RŌ_ST 1858 Signature is the complete coffee drinking experience.  This medium roast offers sweet notes of caramel and hazelnut and hints of tart fruitiness.  Whether it is your morning coffee, your mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or an after-dinner treat, RŌ_ST Signature coffee is the most versatile choice. 


No half-pound or ¾ pound bags here like the other coffee folks sell.  At RŌ_ST we’ll send you a FULL pound of coffee in every bag!

Always Fresh. RŌ_STed to order. 

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